At the Towanda District Library you may check out:

  • Books for 2 weeks – One online renewal is allowed
  • Audiobooks for 2 weeks – One online renewal is allowed
  • Magazines for 1 week – One online renewal is allowed
  • Videos & DVDs for 1 week – No online renewal is allowed
  • Board games for 1 week – One online renewal is allowed

Circulation periods are set to assure equitable sharing of materials among community members. Since library funds are not unlimited, the library does not allow unlimited renewals of materials.

Overdue materials will be charged at the following rates:
.10/day for books, audio books, magazines and board games
.25/day for videos and DVD’s

The Towanda District Library is a tax-supported library; residents within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Towanda District Library pay taxes to support the library.  Those people who live within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Towanda District Library or those who own property within these boundaries need pay no additional fee to be eligible to receive their library card.  Library cards are renewed every three years without additional fees, provided the library cardholder continues to reside within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Towanda District Library and is a patron in good standing.  There is a fee of $2.00 to replace damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen library cards.

As a resident cardholder, the borrower identified on the valid borrower’s card may use the library card at another library to borrow material.  Those materials are the responsibility of the individual who borrows them, and are subject to all of the fines, rules, and regulations of the lending library.  Often libraries limit the borrowing privileges of reciprocal borrowers, and it is best to establish local rules and procedures before making your selections.

Individuals residing beyond the jurisdictional boundaries of the Towanda District Library and not within the boundaries of another public library, and owning no property within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Towanda District Library, may purchase a non-resident fee card for the price of $182.00 per family if our library is the closest public library to their place of residence (using school district as the initial boundary, then township if a second boundary is needed and then the county boundary if a third is needed to determine which library is closest).  This fee entitles the entire family to use the Towanda District Library as well as libraries that participate in the non-resident reciprocal borrowing program.

Adults wishing to register for a borrower’s card, renew an expired borrower’s card, or replace a lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed borrower’s card at the Towanda District Library must bring with them two forms of identification, at least one of which bears their name and address.  These forms of identification, include, but are not limited to, driver’s license, utility bills, mail or voter’s registration card.

Children under the age of 14 must have a parent’s signature on any initial application for a library card.  Parents are responsible for any material that their children borrow.

  1.          Loaning of Materials:

a.  Books will be loaned for two weeks.

b.  Current periodicals will be loaned for one week.

c.  Videos, CDs and DVDs will be loaned for one week.

d.  Current reference material will be loaned overnight with librarian approval.

  1.   The number of materials to be checked out to a patron at one time is the decision of the librarian.
  2.   Materials may be renewed for the same amount of time as stated above.
  3.   Materials can be renewed by phone, in person, or online at  Renewals may be limited when someone else has requested the item.
  1.          Interlibrary Loan:

Materials such as books, periodicals, videos, DVDs, CDs, photocopies and cassettes may be requested from other libraries within the state of Illinois.  If the patron is willing to pay for 2-way postage, we are willing to borrow materials from outside the state of Illinois but within the United States.

Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan must be returned to the Towanda District Library by the lending library’s due date.  Habitual failure to return materials on time may result in individual loss of interlibrary loan privileges.

  1.          Reserves:

Patrons may reserve materials that are not immediately available for patron use, but are in the collection of the Towanda District Library.  When the reserved materials are available to the patron who has placed the reserve (HOLD), the library will notify the patron by telephone.


4.               Overdue materials:

a.  Overdue materials will be charged at the following rates:

.10/day for books, audio books, magazines and board games

.25/day for videos, DVD’s and CDs.

  • There is a three-day grace period for all overdue items.
  • First overdue notices will be sent at 2 weeks overdue (at 1 week overdue for videos, DVDs, CDs).
  • Second overdue notices will be sent at 4 weeks overdue (at 2 weeks overdue for videos, DVDs, CDs).
  • First billing notices will be sent at 8 weeks overdue (4 weeks for videos, DVDs, CDs).
  • In the case of children under the age of 18, it is the parents’ responsibility to pay for lost or damaged items.

Charges are as follows:

1.  Retail replacement or average replacement cost of any item that is lost or damaged beyond repair, plus a $3.00 processing fee per item.

2.  Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan that are lost or damaged are charged to the patron according to the bill provided by the lending agency.

Maximum fines are as follows:

$5.00 for books, audio books, games, paperbacks, magazines, videos, DVDs, CDs.

  •    Patrons whose overdue fine total reaches $5 will not be allowed to borrow any additional materials until payment is made (this includes overdue fines incurred for items at other libraries). After any payment is made on this total, the patron may again check out library materials.
  •   The library reserves the right to enlist the assistance of the county sheriff to retrieve library material from delinquent patrons (guardians of minor children). In addition a collection agency may be engaged to collect the retail amount and processing fees to compensate the library for cost of unreturned material. An additional fee of 1/3 the cost of replacement of the material will be added to the total fees to cover the cost of the collection agency’s services.

Unreturned/Lost materials:

Patrons who do not return or pay for unreturned items within 30 days of the mailing of a first billing notice will receive a “30-Day Notice Regarding Billing for Overdue Library Materials and will be given an additional 30 days to return or pay for the items.  After 30 days from the date of the notice, the patron will then receive a “Notice Regarding Unreturned Library Materials,” which states that their library borrowing privileges at this and other libraries have been suspended or blocked until the item is paid for.

The library cannot reimburse the patron for an item that is returned after the library reorders the item.

If the patron wishes to personally replace the lost item, s/he must first get approval from the library director.