Collection Development

  1. Responsibility for section of all library materials shall be that of the director.
  1. Criteria:
  • Relevance to community needs
  • Current or historical significance
  • Attention of critics and reviews
  • Limitation of space
  • Budgetary constrains
  • Availability
  • Need for additional points of view to provide well-rounded collection
  • Age and accuracy
  1.   A patron who finds a book offensive may request a written form from the director (see Appendix:  “Complaint about library material form”and “Request for reconsideration of library materials” forms to express their view to the library board.) A decision as to whether to keep the material or remove it rests ultimately with the library board.
  1.   Gifts to the library:
  • The library welcomes books and other materials as gifts to the library.  The library welcomes monetary gifts, bequests or memorials.  Gifts will be accepted if the conditions are acceptable to the board.
  • The donor’s name and date of gift will be listed in/on the material if requested and whenever possible.  Names of individual and/or organization will be added to the plaque recognizing special gifts and memorials.
  • The Librarian will select memorial material after consultation with the family.
  • The library director or secretary of the board will send a letter of acknowledgment for any gift or memorial.
  • The disposition of any item is the responsibility of the library board and/or the librarian.  The board will use the item mindful of the concerns of the donor, but will always act in the best interest of the library over the concerns of an individual.  When a book becomes obsolete, an item becomes dated or simply for reasons of space any item in the library will be used or disposed of at the board’s discretion.
  • The library director reserves the right to add or remove any book or item.


Library property, which in the judgment of the director is no longer useful or necessary, may be disposed of in the following manner:

Materials in poor condition or those that are outdated or inaccurate, or those that are

no longer relevant, may be discarded or recycled.

Materials to be discarded or donated need board approval if the individual values are

over $250.00. Materials having a current value of over $250.00 and under $1,000 may

be traded or sold in accordance with the Illinois Library Laws 75ILCS 10/13, upon

board approval.