Computer and Equipment

Photocopier available for public use at 10 cents per side.

 Fax machine – $1 for each 4 pages sent or received.


We have six public access computers. All have word processing programs and online encyclopedias. High-speed Internet connection is available on each of the computers.

We also have a wireless wi-fi network. You can bring your laptop to the library and access the Internet for free.

Printed scans and copies: 10 cents per page for black and white, 25 cents for color copies.

Built-in projection screen.

Call the library to schedule a slide show.

Portable Movie Screen.

May be borrowed by community groups.

Grant Assists Entrepreneurs and Local Small Businesses

Towanda District Library was one of 65 Illinois public libraries selected to receive a Business and Libraries Working Together Grant from Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White to assist local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The grant provides “business packages” that include laptops, projectors, and video cameras, as well as software for planning and office functions. Training videos are available for checkout.

Funding for the business packages was obtained through an appropriation to the Small Business Administration (SBA). Small businesses are key to our economic recovery. With these new resources and continued support from local public libraries, businesses throughout Illinois will grow and local economies will improve.


Letter-size page: $  .75 for 3 ml laminate
$1.00 for 5 ml laminate
Legal-size page: $1.50 for 3 ml laminate
$2.00 for 5 ml laminate