Reference Services

  1. Reference service is available to all persons who reside within the library district.
  2. Reference materials are available for use in the library by all patrons.
  3. Staff trained to provide reference service are available during all hours the library is open.
  4. Staff treat all questions with equal respect.
  5. Reference service is provided in response to all forms of inquiry including but not limited to the telephone and fax machine.
  6. Reference questions that cannot be answered with on-site resources, are referred to another agency.
  7. All requests for information receive an answer within one working day.
  8. The needs of the library user are treated with respect.  Names of users and the transactions that occur between users and the reference staff are confidential and not discussed outside a professional context.
  9. Reference material may circulate overnight with the permission of the librarian.
  10. The staff cannot evaluate or interpret reference materials (including, but not limited to legal, medical, investment and tax-related materials); the staff may only guide the patron to the material available.